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Writing can be a means for expressing ideas that are in the head, to pour out feelings, to channeling hobbies and others.

For those who like to write with various motivations, if you want to share about the knowledge they have or want to discuss something about the writing. Want to discuss for the sake of confirmation and verification of data, etc. Of course this requires the facilities.

In the present era, these facilities are blogs or websites or can also be on social media. In this article, we will discuss two free hosting service companies for your blog.

Where for beginner writers or those who have cost constraints in having independent hosting, you can use this free hosting service. So even if you are a beginner who has no knowledge in the field of blogging and website or because of cost constraints, you can still create or have a blog or own website (although not independent) through free services provided, the capital is only email and will.

This free hosting service you can use to channel your hobbies with various motivations and various purposes.

For beginner writers, you can use this free hosting service to sharpen your writing skills, sharpen your discussion skills, sharpen your communication skills, sharpen your data comparison skills, hone data verification skills, etc.

For senior writers who have cost constraints, this free hosting service can be used for backups in storing data, or writing frameworks, or to create a list of project lists, etc.

Where later if you have established knowledge in blogging and its website or already have a fee for self-hosting, your data can you move to your own hosting with your own domain. In this article, we will discuss two very well-known free hosting service providers, namely and

The following is an explanation of the two free hosting services.

WordPress is one of the most well-knowe content management systems in the field of blogging and websites. WordPress claims that around 33% of blogs or websites on the Internet use WordPress as their content management system.

For beginners, starting a blog or website with is not difficult, follow the instructions, and in a few minutes later you have a blog or website.

But don’t get it wrong, because there are two WordPress, and, free hosting packages are on, while is a service for those who want to use paid self-hosting TOS. or known as self-hosted. has a free hosting service that you can use, with the following limitations:

  1. The data space limit is 3 (three) GB. For 100 MB space you can make around 200 pages, so if you have 3 GB of space you can make around 6000 pages. Not bad, you can free to create a blog with 6000 pages.
  2. Files that can be uploaded are; for photos of type is jpg, jpeg, png, and gif. For document files of type is pdf, doc, docx Presentation file type is ppt, pptx, apps, PSX. And spreadsheets file uses xls and xlsx.
  3. Use of themes or templates is limited.
  4. Cannot install or upload the plugin yourself.
  5. Monetization limits, if you want to make money through google adsense, then you can’t do that with this free hosting service. But if you have fulfilled certain conditions, you can monetize on through words, what are the conditions to read here:
  6. Vulnerable suspend, blog or website you can be suspended at any time without notice if it is considered violating the rules. Regarding these rules, you can read here: TOS.
  7. Only get a subdomain, if you want to use your own domain then you have to upgrade to a paid package or pay the cost of mapping. is a free blog hosting service provided by Google, creating a blog with is still relatively easy even though for beginners. You can start free hosting of your blog on with some limitations, including:

  1. You only get subdomains, unlike WordPress if you want domain mapping to pay extra fees if you are in blogger you can map your domain to for free.
  2. Limited template others, for beginners you will only get a template or theme with a standard design, but you can improvise if you have expertise in HTML and CSS.
  3. The limit of space for uploading photos and videos is 15 GB. But you can upgrade this by switching to the paid package.
  4. Vulnerable suspend, blog or website you can be suspended at any time without notice if it is considered violating the rules. Regarding the content restrictions in using the service, you can read the full text here: content restrictions for

Regarding page restrictions and the number of posts, we have not found any information about this.

One of the advantages of this, even though your free service, you can monetize your blog with the famous Google monetization service, namely Google Adsense. So you can make money from your blog.

Thats all our discussion about and for now.

Hopefully this article useful for readers, happy blogging.

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