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This blog contains content about education, information, and discussion about blogs, websites, blogging, coding, and related matters.

At first, I was very eager to create a blog or website. Because ideas seemed to have piled up, and even wrote help me to vent my fatigue. It turns out that owning or creating a blog is not as easy as I thought.

To make or have a blog or website that is independent, it turns out that it requires not a small amount of money. Although there are free web hosting services such as WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

But it is well-known, that something is free everything is limited and can not be all of their own. Also with very limited data storage too, not to mention concerns about the loss of data if our place of free hosting has problems, and other problems.

Unlike hosting independently with your own domain, all things we can adjust and we adjust according to your wishes. And the amount of data storage can be arranged according to your own needs.

The main problem with independent hosting, namely costs. The costs and requirements for self-hosting with your own domain are not few. Including costs for webmasters, fees for web design, hosting, website maintenance, editor fees, publisher fees, security, domain, and etc.


For Me

For me, people with lower economic levels that cost are wow, enough to make me sigh. With the enormous cost constraints, I inevitably have to find a way to minimize these costs. The way I minimize costs is to learn things about the skills that must be possessed to have or create an independent web.

Such as learning webmaster knowledge, web design, web security, web maintenance, web hosting, coding, and others. In the end, after a while I learned these things, I managed to also have or create my own independent blog or web at a cost that is not so large, namely only domain fees and hosting fees.

The existence of my writing in this blogs in general aim that what I write is useful for many people, hopefully, people in need can benefit from my writing’s in terms of goodness of course.

For specific purposes every single piece of writing on my blogs, this blog are dedicated it to people who are never tired of supporting me, remind me, trust me, share knowledge with me. And always be around me patiently and without being bored. Thank you infinitely for all of you. cheers…