33 Websites Must Visited by a Photographer

Hi Photographers.. In this article I will list 33 Websites Must bisited by a Photographer you must visit if you want to become a better and more reliable photographer. This is the list of Best Photographer Websites for inspiration.  Happy reading..


  1. Improvephotography


They have taught the basics of photography to millions of photographers around the world through Improve Photography, so they know just exactly how difficult it can seem to learn the basics of photography.

They goal is to make this Photography Basics series the absolute simplest way to learn the basics of photography for who want to be Photographer.

They hope you’ll love this series because of what you learn here, and they hope you’ll join the Improve Photography community after you get your feet wet with the photo basics. This is one of Best Photographer Websites for Inspiration




  1. ExpertPhotography

In April 2011 they founded ExpertPhotography with the help of their brother Michael Dunlop.

And since then (a lot of credit goes to the work done in 2018), ExpertPhotography has grown into the second largest photography education website in the world.

Which is why ExpertPhotography is now run by a team of 13 people (and 50 freelance writers), producing 18 free blog posts a week, with a variety of online courses, ebooks, t-shirts, presets, and more.

The website you’re currently browsing took almost a year to design and build, and is the 5th design we’ve used since we founded (sorry if you don’t recognise us haha). Everything they do there is to make the process of learning photography easier for who want to be a photographer, so you can experience the same joy their do.

Visit: https://expertphotography.com


  1. Photographylife

If you are just starting out in photography and you don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you have been taking pictures with your camera for a while and want to improve your shooting skills, you’ve come to the right place. The material compiled in this article will not only help you in building up your photography knowledge, but also assist in advancing you to the next level. On this page, you will find the most valuable articles and techniques we have written to help you grow as a photographer, from basic photography articles for beginners all the way to more advanced techniques and tutorials. This is one of Best Photographer Websites for Inspiration




  1. Digital Photography School

If you’re just starting out as a photographer, congratulations! There’s never been a more exciting, or easier time to learn the art of photography. Today’s market is flooded with tertiary courses, books, workshops, websites, podcasts and online courses that didn’t exist as little as ten years ago.

When they began their career 25 years ago, there were only a few options. You could learn photography at a university or technical college, you could complete an apprenticeship or internship with a photographer, or you could teach yourself through trial and error and by studying the work of other photographers. They combined all three of these techniques and found a way that worked really well for the  Photographers.




  1. The Beginner Photography Podcast

You can Learn Photography for Free by joining creative live the worlds #1 resource for live online photography training, Creative Live!

Visit : https://www.beginnerphotographypodcast.com/photography-tips/how-to-learn-photography-on-your-own-for-beginners


  1. Art Of Visual

They goal is to make the Basics of Photography series the absolute simplest way to learn the basics of photography in the fastest amount of time possible. They hope you’ll love this series because of what you learn here, and they hope you’ll join the Art of Visuals Academy after you get your feet wet with the Basics of Photography. This is one of Best Photographer Websites for Inspiration

Visit: https://artofvisuals.com/the-basics-of-photography-introduction-to-photography-tutorials/


  1. Popular Photography

In their website you can find Valuable tips, tricks and techniques for every step of the photographic process.

Visit: https://www.popphoto.com/how-to/


  1. Geoff Lawrence

In this website you can get loads of free digital photography tutorials to read covering all aspects of photography. Here is your chance to learn photography online absolutely free. There are loads of articles, photography tips and tips on editing your photos, which I have collated into eight different sections:-

  • Choosing Camera Equipment
  • The Basics of Photography
  • Photo Composition
  • Exposure in the Camera
  • Lighting for Photography
  • Getting the Color Right
  • Tips for Photographing Different Subjects
  • Editing your photos in Photoshop

If you are new to photography and are just looking for some basic photography tutorials, this website recommend you read Photography Tips for Beginners. That’s page will give you some really basic digital photography tips to get you started and hopefully give you a thirst for more knowledge.

Visit: https://www.geofflawrence.com/


  1. Photo.net

On their website you can find various knowledge about Photography.  From various skill levels, from beginner, hobbyist, and pro. From lighting tutorials, software, and techniques.  And more … This is one of Best Photographer Websites for Inspiration.

Visit: Photo.net


  1. Fstoppers

Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals.  Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.  

Today the website reaches over 1.5 million photographers and averages around 6 million pageviews a month.  Fstoppers has been featured on NPR, The Huffington Post, Resource Magazine, Mashable, Gizmodo, Tech Crunch, Geek.com, Facebook Business, Vimeo Staff Picks, Adobe, Life Hacker, ABC News, BuzzFeed, and many other industry leading news oulets. 

Visit: https://fstoppers.com/


  1. Creative Live

On their website a lot of knowledge is shared free of charge, including knowledge about Photography. You can find interesting knowledge in photography themes that you can find on this website.

Visit: https://www.creativelive.com/catalog/photography/


  1. PictureCorrect.com

PictureCorrect.com! This website is a valuable resource to photographers of all experience levels. Our goal is to serve some of the best information that is relevant to photographers everywhere.

Visit: https://www.picturecorrect.com/


  1. Strobist

Strobist is the world’s most popular resource for photographers who want how to learn to use their flashes like a pro.

New to lighting? Welcome. Start with Lighting 101, just as millions of other photographers have done before you. Access Strobist’s other free courses. This is one of of Websites Must Visited by a Photographer. 

Visit: Strobist


  1. Cambridge in Colour

Cambridge in Colour is an online learning environment where photographers can come to improve their skills. After its founding in 2005, it has grown substantially both in content and in the number of visitors it attracts. On any given day, over 20,000 different people are learning about photography and contributing in the forums community. 

Visit: https://www.cambridgeincolour.com/


  1. Filtergrade

Informative articles, free resources, and other helpful guides for photographers. You’ll learn about lighting, composition, equipment, the business side of things, security, and more.

Visit: https://filtergrade.com/category/photography/


  1. NikonSchool

Through Nikon School, their mission is to provide the best learning opportunities to people who have a passion for photography and would like to scale ahead in this field. From amateurs to skilled photographers we want to provide a platform where they can learn, experiment and share their knowledge with each other. Nikon School wants to ensure that it provides the best quality learning in the field of photography through various workshops which will help them scale higher levels be it professionally or just for passion.

Visit: https://www.nikonschool.in/


  1. Learn Photography

This free Digital Photography Course offers free photography lessons and tutorials ranging from the basics of digital camera, optics, lenses, photo editing, and more. Learn photography with any one of courses packed full of photography tips and advice, built for the novice and professional alike. This is the perfect place to learn photography, for those wanting to know more about digital photography, and for who want to be a better photographer.

Visit: https://www.photographycourse.net/learn-photography/


  1. Adorama

Adorama Learning Center is the content destination for photographers, filmmakers, audio creatives and all things electronic. Check out our up-to-date editorial features on all the latest gear, how-to’s and interviews with today’s most relevant industry insiders.

Visit: https://www.adorama.com/alc/how-to-start-learning-photography


  1. Veprit.com

You, as a photographer, decide the right exposure configuration. Modern cameras in automatic mode provide you with a (usually good) proposal: an aperture and shutter speed combination achieving the right exposure. Depending on your goals, you evaluate this combination. Does it achieve the desired depth of field? Is the shutter speed fast enough to avoid motion blur, or slow enough to make it? Make adjustments if necessary. For example, to increase the depth of field, reduce the aperture and increase the shutter speed (or ISO sensitivity). See more advices and examples in this website.

Visit: https://veprit.com/photography-guide/


  1. Tutsplus

Photography & Video Tutorials. Free tutorials, learning guides, and online courses to help you learn photo and video skills. Whether it’s digital imaging, editing and post-production, visual storytelling, business, or something you’ve not yet discovered, their team of expert instructors have you covered!

Visit: https://photography.tutsplus.com/tutorials


  1. Shotkit

Improve Your Photography. Want to learn tips and tricks to improve your photography? Get inspired, learn new techniques and grow your photography business with our free guides and articles, updated weekly.

Visit: https://shotkit.com/learn/


  1. The School of Photography

Free photography tutorials.  Variety of photography tutorials, articles and guides. 

From little-known pro tips to fun photography outings, you’re sure to be enthused and inspired.

They’re aimed to give to give you ideas, tips and techniques to help you improve your photography and give you a taster of our professional courses. 

What’s more, they’re all completely free.

Visit: https://www.theschoolofphotography.com/freebies


  1. Live Snap Love

Free training. What’s your next step in your photography journey? Choose your free training on this website and let’s get you images you’ll be dying to share with the world!

Visit: https://www.audreyannphoto.com/free-training


  1. Click and Learn Photography

Their like to reward loyalty there at Click and Learn Photography. A few awesome free tools and resources for you to use. Their free ebook gives some quality, actionable tips to improve your photography and their Lightroom presets can boost your post processing game significantly.

Visit: https://www.clickandlearnphotography.com/free-stuff/


  1. Learn Photography by Zoner Photo Studio

They’ll teach you how to take and edit photos. For free. For everyone—beginner or expert—who loves photography. Just pick a topic or search for the subject you’re interested in.

Visit: https://learn.zoner.com/


  1. Chris Bray Photography

Photography Tips & Tutorials

How to photograph star trails? Light painting? What’s the difference between Raw vs Jpg?  Every month or so they write a great new tutorial (accessed by subscribing to our e-Newsletter) however all the older photography tutorials and tips are free.


Free Photography Course

Complete course by award-winning Australian Geographic photographer Chris Bray. Ten easy-to-understand episodes with plenty of examples from basic setup and composition, to aperture, shutter speed, exposure, ISO, lighting, lenses, histograms, white balance and more!

Visit: https://chrisbrayphotography.com/tips/


  1. Digital Photo Mentor

Photography Basics for Beginners

For those who want to learn photography with a little more guided structur, there a free photography basics course which you can enroll in, completely free of charge. If you want to take the next step, there is a complete beginner photography course with a money back guarantee. This is one of of Website Must Visited by a Photographer. 

Visit: https://www.digitalphotomentor.com/photography-basics/


  1. Photo Professors

Take your photography skills to the next the level with their comprehensive photography courses. Photo Professors offers an array of photography and Photoshop courses allowing you to go from a being a beginner to a pro in no time!

Visit: https://photoprofessors.com/


  1. PhotoBlog

Photography tips and tutorials for improving your skills. Learn how to get the best use of your camera to compose and capture that amazing photo.

Visit: https://www.photoblog.com/learn/photography-tips-tutorials/


  1. Frederic Paulussen

On this website you can find knowledge about photography that is interesting and very helpful for those who love photography.

Visit: https://www.fredericpaulussen.be/


  1. PhotographyTalk

PhotographyTalk helps photographers tell amazing stories with their cameras

With the best resources that are loved by over 3 million photographers all over the globe, it’s everything you need to know about photography at your fingertips.

Visit: https://www.photographytalk.com/how-to-learn-photography


  1. Dave Morrow Photography

If you want to improve your photography skills, while learning from a full time wilderness photographer, this website is for you.

Now, You have access to hundreds of free photography guides and videos, teaching the exact skill sets & camera techniques to create images.

Visit: https://www.davemorrowphotography.com/welcome


  1. Edu.GcfGlobal

If you want to learn : 

All About Digital Cameras

  • Introduction to Digital Cameras. Get an introduction to digital cameras.
  • Getting to Know Your Camera. Get to know your camera better.
  • Lighting. Learn the important role lighting plays in digital photography.
  • Composing Your Shot. Get tips for composing any shot.
  • Photographing at Night. Use these tips for photographing at night.
  • Capturing Motion. Use these strategies to take a professional shot of a moving object.
  • Photographing Landscapes. Learn how best to photograph landscapes.
  • Capturing Close-up Shots. Use these tips for capturing close-up shots.
  • Taking Photos with a Smartphone. Use these tips to take an image with your smartphone. And others…

In this website you can learn it all. This is one of of Websites Must Visited by a Photographer. 

Visit: https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/digitalphotography/

That’s 33 websites that you must visit if you want to become a better photographer.

Thank you for visiting my blog, hopefully useful for you, and peace.  Cheeers …